Consulting and
Education Services in
Mathematical Modeling
Statistical Methods
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ProfMath Oy provides consulting and customized education in following fields:

Statistical methods and analyses
We assist in applying all common statistical methods and interpretation of their results.
Data-analysis and multivariate methods
  • Clustering and classification problems

  • Regression problems

  • Image analysis

  • Multivariate calibration

  • Clustering and classification Problems

  • Multivariate statistical quality control

Statistical Design of Experiments
  • Classical designs of experiments for qualitative and quantitative design-variables

  • Optimal designs of experiments

  • Mixture designs

  • Taguchi methods

  • Analysis and interpretation of designed eßxperiments

Statistical Quality Control
Mathematical Modeling
  • Dynamic Models

  • Stationary Models

  • Spatial Models

Statistical and Mathematical Software
  • Matlab

  • Octave

  • R and RStudio

  • Maxima and wxMaxima

  • MS Excel

  • LibreOffice