Juho Jalava

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Juho Jalava, FT


  • Chemist, Physicist, PhD
  • Doctoral thesis besidesa the daily work at Kemira Pigments, finished in 2000 (Precipitation, Light Scattering, TSM*).
    * TSM (Turbidity Spectrum Methods), is a new particle size determination method for speroidal TiO2 pigment particles.

Working History

  • In 1977 at Volvo in Göteborgissa
  • In 1978 at Research Laboratory of Ciba Geigy in Basle, Switzerland
  • From 1979 to 2014 (34 years) at Pigments (Vuorikemia, Kemira Pigments Oy, Sachtleben Pigments Oy) in Pori Finland. Retired 2/2014
    • Titles: first Scientist, then Laboratory Manager (Research Laboratory) and from year 1996 on Principal Scientist.
    • Activities at Pigments:
      • First 17 years focus in sulphate process's black part, Ti-raw materials, reaction, nuclei preparation, precipitation, and calcination.
        • Project leader, e.g., in:
          • producing TiO2 pigments hydrothermally.
          • producing TiO2 pigments by spray calcination.
      • Then ca. 17 years mathematical modelling of different process stages, especially to TSM* related.
        • In years 1997-1998 half of the working capacity (hours) in a state funded (TEKES) project: Light Scattering by Small Particles.
          • Project leader was Prof. Kari Lumme, University of Helsinki, a late worldwide respected light scattering expert.
          • Cooperation also with some other worldwide respected light scattering experts, e.g., Prof. Joachim Hovenier, Free University Amsterdam, and Dr. Michael Mishchenko, NASA, USA.
  • Since 2014 consulting Pigments from ProfMath Oy (being one of the owners)


Other interests